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Nov 18, 2020

Our next W Pulse Podcast, “A Resilience Ringleader: Thoughts on Being the Most Effective and Having Control of Your Attitude” premieres on November 18. ConnectED Canvas keynote Bonnie St. John – author, Paralympian, and dynamic speaker – brings you her insights on inclusion and resilience. A self-described “Resilience Ringleader,” Bonnie will discuss micro resilience: those little things you can do each day to make a difference and allow you to sustain high-level performance in all areas of your life. How can you be the most effective throughout the day, hour by hour? With micro resilience… tune in to learn how to build a first aid kit for your attitude, one that will help you address evolving situations by pivoting your attitude quickly.

The W Pulse series, brought to you by Advisor Group, was created by the Firm's Women Forward Initiative and the Women's Advisory Board.