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Jul 3, 2019

At the W Forum, we showcased four W Forum Visionaries.  We continue with our podcast series featuring each presentation in the event you wish to hear them again or listen to for the first time if you missed them. 

Nina Lloyd, Vice President, Opus Financial Advisors, Inc. an advisor affiliated with FSC Securities Corporation, is featured in the next podcast premiering on July 3rd. Throughout this podcast, you will find out how Nina broke the mold!  As a second-generation advisor in a male-dominated field, Nina shares her personal journey to find her place within the financial industry, while also juggling the demands of a young family. Nina discusses how she went from being uncomfortable in her own skin, to growing her business through intentional giving of her unique gifts and strengths.

The W Pulse series, brought to you by Advisor Group, was created by the Firm’s Women Forward Initiative and the Women’s Advisory Board.  This podcast series for Advisor Group’s podcast network is accessible on iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcast app!