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May 20, 2020

In our May 20 W Pulse podcast, WFS financial professional and Women Forward Visionary asks: You spend every day helping clients achieve their financial goals… but do you ever spend time thinking about who your clients are going to be in the future? In “Preparing the Clients of Tomorrow,” Megan explores the idea that the girls of today can be the clients of tomorrow – if given the proper guidance. A long-time advocate for and mentor to kids the foster care system, Megan will share her front-line insights into the unique challenges faced by girls who are “in the system” as they transition into adulthood and become financially stable. Many have never had an example of a financially independent woman to emulate. So, they learn to become trapped and dependent on someone else to provide for them, and sometimes that means staying in horribly unsafe situations. This session will challenge you to find a way to help in your community. To be that female role model who can give at-risk girls the tools they need to be successful, and to start adulthood with an idea of what it takes to be financially independent.

The W Pulse series, brought to you by Advisor Group, was created by the Firm's Women Forward Initiative and the Women's Advisory Board.