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Mar 6, 2019

Queen of Awesomeness, that’s the title of our next podcast premiering on March 6th. Mary Sterk, CFP ®, Woodbury Advisor, and President, CEO of Sterk Financial Services in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, will share her career story along with her philosophy, “…the only thing that money really does is buy you choices.” She will discuss where that philosophy came from and how she reinforces it with staff and clients.  Mary will also tell us about her specialized planning programs, why they were created and how they help clients.  In closing, Mary will share her three C’s of delegation – how to successfully delegate.


The W Pulse series, brought to you by Advisor Group, was created by the Firm’s Women Forward Initiative and the Women’s Advisory Board.  This podcast series for Advisor Group’s podcast network is accessible on iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcast app!