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May 16, 2018

Broadcast from W Forum, Advisor Group's annual conference that offers education and networking opportunities for all women in the Advisor Group network, Shannon Larsen leads a panel of extraordinary advisors that includes Cathy Wagner, Tiana Ronstadt, & Diana DeCharles.

Conversation includes:

  • How each woman best serves her clients
  • Each woman's "power" and how it helps connect to clients
  • Changes made to adapt to the fiduciary era
  • When and how the women began in financial planning
  • How the women have chosen to charge for financial planning
  • How to have a conversation around fees and risk with clients
  • Each woman's client review process
  • Communication efforts with clients including fun activities and events
  • Planning for a successful relationship with a client
  • How the women segment clients and a look into their service models
  • Referral sources
  • Creating efficiency in one's business

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Brought to you by Advisor Group and Women Forward, Advisor Group's women's initiative, The W Pulse is a podcast for women, by women featuring the thoughts, insights, and best practices from financial advisors and industry leaders.

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