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Aug 15, 2018

On today's W Pulse, we're joined by Alli Holt and Judy Rubin with Plaza Advisors.

Our conversation includes:

  • How Alli, Judy's daughter, joined Judy and entered the industry as a Business Development Associate
  • Alli's early experience, including her understanding of the true role of the financial advisor
  • How Alli balances her financial studies and her full-time career
  • What led Judy to encourage Alli to consider the financial services industry and how Judy identified the right role for Alli
  • Judy's plans for coaching and mentored Alli in her development with an apprenticeship plan
  • What succession looks like for Judy and her future plans

Brought to you by Advisor Group and Women Forward, Advisor Group's women's initiative, The W Pulse is a podcast for women, by women featuring the thoughts, insights, and best practices from financial advisors and industry leaders.

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