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Jan 1, 2020

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with your family?  Shanan Doherty will tell you during the W Pulse podcast, When Family Is At Home and At the Office, which premiered on January 1.  Shanan shares her career story, including how she ended up working with her dad and brother.  She also discusses best lessons learned and major milestones along the way.  In addition, she reveals what life on a ranch is like and how ranch life has impacted her business responsibilities.  Shanan talks about her mentorship experience – her top 2-3 lessons learned and accomplishments she reached with the help of her mentor.  Shannon is a new Women’s Advisory Board member; she chats about how she would like to make an impact for women.

The W Pulse series, brought to you by Advisor Group, was created by the Firm's Women Forward Initiative and the Women's Advisory Board.